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Your pre-game preparation, and how you recover after your athletic event, is crucial to a long career and a healthy body. A race car is completely rebuilt after every race. Your body must be properly maintained, and have no excess tension, or injury, to perform well consistently.

Every injury, ache, pain, or movement limitation robs you of performance, power, speed, and maneuverability. Many people are carrying around a collection of new and old injuries. Imagine being pain-free, with freedom of movement, and be able to operate consistently, at your full potential.

Martial artists strive to keep their bodies strong and conditioned over a lifetime. The old Masters can do seemingly impossible things. They spend years putting their bodies through rigorous physical and mental training. Time is spent not only on strength and conditioning but also on maintenance and recovery.

Dave’s unique healing, recovery, and strengthening techniques enable you to maintain and sustain your body, lengthening your athletic career. These techniques have been used by athletes and martial artists for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Dave works with people of all ages, amateur and professional athletes to keep their bodies strong, pain-free and healthy.  Anyone using Dave’s services will move better and feel better.

Call Dave today so that you can improve your total performance. Get stronger, faster, and play or compete more efficiently.


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Develop confidence, composure under pressure and the discipline needed to be a champ. This is the edge you've been looking for.

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Jason Kelce –  Eagles Center
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Jason Kelce Eagles Center

the Performance Bodywork ArchitectMeet Dave Reeman

Brief History of Total Performance Bodywork

Dave Reeman is a Bodyworker, Licensed Massage Therapist. Strength and Movement Coach. He studies and practices a wide variety of Eastern and Western bodywork, energetic and massage modalities. Martial arts strength, movement and mobility exercises, manual therapy, Reflexology, Stretching, Cupping.  He has combined them into a system that he calls Total Performance Bodywork.

Dave has been quite successful in helping people to recover from new and old injuries, improve their breathing efficiency, athletic performance, mobility, flexibility, and their overall strength. He is passionate about helping people to be able to move better and be free of pain. Athletes call Dave ‘”the Career Extender” due to his ability to improve their health and performance.

He has found that people of all ages and skill levels respond well to, and really benefit from this work. As many of Dave’s clients have stated, “Simply put, what Dave does, works.”



Pricing starts at:
Flexible Appointment Times
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TUNE-UP30 Minutes



Our quick and focused 30-minute bodywork session targets specific areas of tension or discomfort, offering you a quick and effective relief from stress and muscle tightness.

TUNE-UP30 Minutes




Experience our comprehensive 60-minute bodywork session, a complete therapeutic treatment designed to address multiple areas of concern, promoting whole-body relaxation and improved mobility.





Immerse yourself in our extensive 90-minute bodywork session, providing a deep and thorough exploration of your body’s needs, ideal for chronic issues and promoting profound relaxation and healing.



Performance Bodywork


#1 Assessment

During the initial consultation, our therapist will discuss your physical condition, health history, and goals to create a personalized Performance Bodywork session.

#2 Application of Techniques

Based on your individual needs, our therapist will apply various Performance Bodywork techniques like soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, and biomechanical re-education, aimed at improving your overall well-being.

#3 Integration of Breathwork

Throughout the session, guided breathwork techniques are incorporated, enhancing relaxation, improving oxygenation, and aiding in the release of muscle tension.

#4 Review and Care Instructions

After the bodywork session, we’ll review the therapy with you, provide observations, and offer personalized aftercare instructions to help maintain the benefits of the treatment.

Our clients’

Jurrell Casey DE

Dave thanks for the great work over the past 2 years. It got me feeling like a new man. The new
moves you showed me for sure are going to be put to use. Thanks

Jurrell Casey DE
NFL Tennessee Titans
Arnold Schwartzenegger

Dave did an excellent job helping the Strongmen prepare for and recover from their events at the
Arnold. He is very talented, and his work is fantastic.

Arnold Schwartzenegger
Donovan Mcnabb QB

I had some shoulder pain which Dave found and fixed in like five minutes. A quick tune up from
him makes you feel great. This man has talent.

Donovan Mcnabb QB
NFL Philadelphia Eagles
Larry Holmes

Any athlete would be lucky to have Dave in their corner. He has some serious skills, you have to
check him out!

Larry Holmes
Former Heavyweight Champion of the World
Adley Stump

Dave is extremely knowledgeable about the way our bodies work and goes above and beyond to
not only solve the noticeable issues, but also educate his clients about each technique. I look
forward to every session

Adley Stump
Country Music Artist






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