About Total Performance

Increasing Output & Facilitating Healing

What is Total Performance Bodywork?

It is a unique system of healing, breathing, movement and strengthening work that Dave has developed. It combines a variety of techniques to address whatever issue, injury, or movement limitation you may be dealing with. The focus is on finding the root cause of the problem, not just treating symptoms. It is also used to prevent injuries and maintain the body. This will promote speedier recovery after stresses to the body from sports, injury, or illness. A routine of regular bodywork is essential to keeping your body healthy for a lifetime. Life itself can be stressful. These stressors are held in the body as tension. Excess tension causes health and movement issues. As an athlete, this impairs your performance. Freeing your body from tension, pain, and limitation will enable you to increase your speed, strength, endurance, athletic efficiency, and work capacity.

Each session is different. Clients remain clothed. Dave works with you to gain an understanding of what your body needs. He tailors each experience to what pressure you prefer, and what techniques your body needs and resonates with. Work is performed on a massage table, on the floor, and standing. Bodywork, care, and maintenance is a lifelong process and should be integral to your life. As with your car, if you maintain your body with regular service, it will last indefinitely.

Dave has a great understanding of how the body works as a whole. He helps you to strengthen and integrate your entire body. This enables it to be much stronger and more efficient. An efficient, strong, freely moving body will enable you to outlast and outperform those carrying tension and injury. Get rid of pain, tension, and old injuries. Perform at your best. Many people are carrying around pain every day. If you are in pain, call Dave today at 610-570-7480 and feel better today.

Meet Dave Reeman

The Developer of Total Performance Bodywork

Dave Reeman is a renowned bodywork therapist with years of experience in helping clients achieve optimal health and wellness. His innovative approach, called Total Performance Bodywork, combines various massage techniques and modalities to provide customized treatments tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Experience and Expertise

With an extensive background in healing techniques, sport specific training, and rehabilitation, Dave Reeman has developed a deep understanding of the human body and the intricacies of muscular function. His expertise allows him to identify and address issues related to muscle imbalances, injuries, and chronic pain effectively.

Total Performance Bodywork

A Integrative Approach to Healing
Integrative Techniques

Dave’s Total Performance Bodywork is an integrative approach that combines various massage and bodywork techniques, including deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and sports massage. By drawing from a wide range of modalities, Dave can provide comprehensive treatments that target specific issues while promoting overall well-being.

Customized Treatments

Understanding that each client is unique, Dave Reeman takes the time to conduct a thorough assessment and discuss individual needs and goals. This personalized approach ensures that each treatment is tailored to the client’s specific requirements, resulting in more effective and lasting outcomes.

Benefits of Total Performance Bodywork

Enhanced Athletic Performance

By addressing muscle imbalances and improving flexibility, Total Performance Bodywork can help athletes of all levels enhance their performance and prevent injuries. Dave’s expertise in advanced healing techniques enables him to design targeted treatments that support optimal athletic function.

Relief from Chronic Pain and Discomfort

Total Performance Bodywork is an effective solution for those suffering from chronic pain and discomfort related to muscle imbalances, injuries, or overuse. Dave’s integrative approach targets the root cause of pain, promoting long-lasting relief and improved function.

Stress Reduction and Relaxation

The holistic nature of Total Performance Bodywork provides a deeply relaxing experience that helps to alleviate stress and anxiety. Clients often report feeling a sense of calm and rejuvenation following their treatments, supporting overall mental and emotional health.

Experience the Transformation with Dave Reeman’s Total Performance Bodywork

If you’re seeking a personalized and holistic approach to improving your health, athletic performance, or overall well-being, Dave Reeman’s Total Performance Bodywork is an excellent choice. Schedule an appointment with Dave and experience the transformative power of his integrative bodywork treatments.


Our clients’


Jurrell Casey DE

Dave thanks for the great work over the past 2 years. It got me feeling like a new man. The new
moves you showed me for sure are going to be put to use. Thanks

Jurrell Casey DE
NFL Tennessee Titans
Arnold Schwartzenegger

Dave did an excellent job helping the Strongmen prepare for and recover from their events at the
Arnold. He is very talented, and his work is fantastic.

Arnold Schwartzenegger
Donovan Mcnabb QB

I had some shoulder pain which Dave found and fixed in like five minutes. A quick tune up from
him makes you feel great. This man has talent.

Donovan Mcnabb QB
NFL Philadelphia Eagles
Larry Holmes

Any athlete would be lucky to have Dave in their corner. He has some serious skills, you have to
check him out!

Larry Holmes
Former Heavyweight Champion of the World
Adley Stump

Dave is extremely knowledgeable about the way our bodies work and goes above and beyond to
not only solve the noticeable issues, but also educate his clients about each technique. I look
forward to every session

Adley Stump
Country Music Artist